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Agent Registration

1. How do I become an agent/affiliate?
Becoming an agent is easy!Simply,fill out the form on our associate registration page and our office will do an evaluation,once approved then you're ready to go!

2. How does the agent program work?
Once approved,you will be given a unique link that you can use to promote through all of your social media platforms. In addition to your agent link, you'll receive a custom discount code. Your friends can use your code at checkout for 10% off their entire purchase. Every time a sale is generated using your link, you earn cash!

3. Where can I see how much commission I have earned?
Simply log into your associate account to view your earned commission. There are two types of commission: Current Commission and Lifetime Commission. Your Current Commission, or Next Estimated Payment is located in the green box on your dashboard. It shows your commission for the current pay period. If you would like to see your Lifetime Commission, simply add "Previous Payments Received" and "Next Estimated Payment."

4. I used my code to purchase, but I didn’t earn any commission.
Unfortunately, you cannot earn commission on your own purchases. Spread the words about Michael Top and hook your friends up with your discount code so you can earn commission!

5. When will I receive my commission?
Monthly commissions will be paid out within the first 10 days of the following month. You must have a valid PayPal email in order to receive a payment; otherwise, you forfeit your earnings. If you need to update your PayPal email, you can do so in your Account Settings.

6. Why isn't my discount code working?
Most of the time, we find that end users are simply misspelling the code being used. Make sure your friends are spelling everything correctly and that they are using the code in the correct place during checkout.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email

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Mobile View:
Click on "Show order summary" to open up the Gift Card/Discount Code box.