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Jewelry with a woman's homework

  Someone once said, "Women should have the power, the good stuff, the two or three noble jewels, and the indifferent heart at a certain moment."

  Jewelry worn by a person often reflects the inner person's words, and it is important to know the jewelry before choosing the jewelry. Different age, identity, occupation, temperament with different jewelry. Have seen some jeweled woman, an expensive jewelry does not show too much extravagance, giving the impression that instead of a RMB. Also seen wearing low-quality shoes, uneven neck foundation young woman hung a huge diamond, the diamond gives the feeling of people like Maupassant's novel "necklace" borrowed jewelry.

  Jewelry should be used to set off a woman, it is worn on a woman who should allow women to feel comfortable laughing, rather than a woman to foil jewelry, but also a moment was jewelry than the go.

Details about jewelry:

First, the whole body wearing jewelry should try to subtract.

  Jewelry is a woman's temperament play a finishing touch, do not the necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, anklet all-enchanting body, dazzling, after all, you are not taking the magazine cover, not in the Christmas tree Hanging candy. This gives the impression that the whole property seems to wear the same body, but also easy to give the night market jewelry boss feeling.

Second, jewelry should choose for their own, can speak for themselves and extra points.

  If the workplace women, should avoid too bright jewelry, try to choose matte, simple, atmospheric jewelry. Can imagine, left hand ruby, right hand emerald, together with a series of eye-catching chain beads worn on the wrist, no doubt people will question your professionalism in the workplace. These minus points of jewelry, even if you like, must also give up decisively before going out.

Third,do not wear only a jewelry for many years.

  The jewelry should be the guests invited to clothing, with clothing materials, colors, styles, occasions to wear. For example, the night's banquet or dinner is more suitable for bright diamonds, the office is more suitable for matte pearl, acrylic or turquoise. Do not hang the same thick gold necklace all over the year, no one will think so beautiful, no one will feel so rich.

Fourth, to keep jewelry clean.

  Take care to keep jewelry clean. Remove the earrings do not have perspiration, wash your ears when the attention to the cleaning, the rings do not have dirt in the decoration, dirty kitchen jewelry gives the feeling of the cook. Especially for many years, the finger does not clean the gold or platinum rings, it is easy to wear the thimble immediate feeling.

Last,With the partner's dress to match the jewelry.

  If you are attending an event with your husband or a couple, such as a wedding, banquet or other dinner, you should work with your husband or couple's costume to match the jewelry.

  If men dress well, but the woman is simple and plain dismal, it will give the feeling of a wicked wife; if the simple and simple men, women are jeweler, blooming, it will give the man purse was drained by a woman or man The economic situation is obviously not as good as the woman's impression. It seems like two completely unrelated people sitting together, easy to cause unnecessary embarrassment, but also easy to appear unobstructed among guests.

 ~ THE END ~

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